After purchasing your chosen plan:
Log in to My account to access your mode, as well as all additional guidelines published in the application, after opening the mode you can display the phone icon and it is available anywhere with you.
Once you are familiar with the mode, contact me
I created it especially for you KETO COACH, which you get with the mode
In it you will find a phone number to contact me and the conditions for communication, motivation and a friend in my face. You only need to fill in the questionnaire in your account after payment, and contact me as described in the file you will receive.
I will I am reviewing the survey and will answer your questions as soon as possible.
In this way we start communication, which is expressed in the sharing of results every 3rd day (excluding weekends) as well as consultation on any issues on your part.
Thank you for your trust😘

I developed this one-of-a-kind KETO COACH, To be always at hand when you feel you need a mentor, support and find it difficult to move forward


🍀If you feel lost in the battle with weight, if you always deprive yourself of your family dinners, of sweets on occasions and without occasions, of pasta temptations – there is a way to change this immediately!

💐I created KETO COACH especially for you 

💚In it you will find all the answers to the questions you ask yourself – why can’t I lose weight, where am I wrong, what should I do.

💖You will receive professional advice,

how to achieve change in the easiest way, 

daily dose of motivation, extremely useful guides to implement in your life and be more successful in every aspect.

🍀You can use it all the time  mode, but know that it will ALWAYS be of great benefit to you!💖

✅You get a daily dose of motivation for times when you need a mentor and support.
✅Formulas for success, realization and progress

Thousands of families are already sharing my recipes with family and friends, having dinner and celebrating  with them, feed your children and friends healthy, become part of them⬇️

BGN 97

per month

BGN 97

per month

BGN 97

per month

BGN 97

per month

BGN 40

per month

BGN 97

per month

This is an e-book, nothing is delivered!

Easy delicious keto recipes

We have collected great, simple, tasty and easy to prepare keto recipes.
There are a variety of flavors and tastes to keep the weeks interesting.

All recipes come with cooking instructions.

Shopping lists

Buy all your ingredients at once, with easily arranged lists that you can check when you find the goods!

Weekly plans

An overview of all the dishes for the week helps you keep track of what to prepare, what to eat and what to expect.

Specific tips and tricks

You just started keto?
Learn all the basics of keto in regimens Want to do periodic fasting but don’t know how to get started?
Read all additional materials before starting the mode. You will find additional recipes for favorite foods, instructions on how you can replace a product if it does not suit your taste.

And last but not least!!! Instructions on how and when you can contact me🥰

I am painfully familiar with wandering, depression, suffering, conditions for which no doctor has an answer and a prescription…😕

I guarantee you a change after the first 7 days! Let’s make your dreams come true together and turn them into a way of life! 💚

I changed my life with KETO, you can too! 💚

Get ready to love the body in which you live🥰

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