Adriana Lima

was one of the first celebrities to support a low-carb diet. She says that her keto regime makes her feel much better. It contains protein shakes, green vegetables, everything grilled or steamed, protein foods and cereal bars, all of which are eligible according to the permitted daily keto intake. Here’s how to make a body from Victoria’s Secret.

Halle Berry

A bold supporter of the trendy diet, she is also one of the most attractive American actresses, who over the years has managed to maintain not only her class and style, but also her excellent shape. “When your body learns to burn fat, you’re in a constant state of burning – that’s the secret,” she said. She has repeatedly mentioned that she is a meat lover and avoids eating sugary foods, eating healthy fats such as avocados and butter.

Courtney Kardashian

On its website, the oldest sister Kardashian writes about her plan for “detoxification” with low carbohydrate content. И дoкaтo тя нe кaзвa изричнo, чe cлeдвa кeтo диeтa, oбяcнявa, чe плaнът й пoмaгa дa зaпaзи тялoтo cи в cъcтoяниe нa кeтoзa, кoeтo ce cлучвa, кoгaтo гликoгeнът в чeрния дрoб e изчeрпaн и тялoтo изгaря мacтни киceлини зa eнeргия. “(Yes, it sounds like a diet to us.) Ordinary, but satisfactory.

Megan Fox

shares that he does not consume bread and carbohydrates. The star of “Transformers” does not allow himself to sin with harmful products and the results are visible.

LeBron James

is not an ordinary person who eats Keto. But he shares how his keto experience affected him when he practiced a modified version for 67 days, losing weight in 2014 by excluding carbohydrates and dairy products and focusing on meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. following the Keto regime.

Vanessa Hudgens

presents himself in various interviews as a Keto fanatic. She loses 4.5 pounds a month by eating bacon, which sounds like an extremely pleasant way to lose weight. “When I ate carbs, I enjoyed an ice cream, and I felt really exhausted and tired,” the star said of the benefits of her new lifestyle. “When I’m in keto, my energy stays constant all day.”

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