Hello friends!

I am Zhenya, mother of twins, financier, and broker
owner of the fashion brand DEJUJU. Above all, however
I am a strong-willed person who never gives up
difficulties. For many years I fought the weight loss… And
yes i won it! I am painfully familiar with wandering,
depression, suffering, conditions for which no doctor has
answer and recipe … I am painfully familiar with hunger,
exhausting and fruitless diets and destructive
feeling disliked by the person you see in
the mirror…

How did I end up and change my life?

I found salvation in KETO nutrition.

For a few weeks, I said goodbye to bloating, being overweight, insulin resistance, polycystic ovaries, fibroadenomas, and lack of energy.

I climbed the scales with desire! I looked in the mirror and loved myself! For the first time I was not hungry and exhausted!

KETO taught me not to give up the food I have always loved to cook, but only the products that harm me.
I took care of the health of my family as well.

My husband and children love the KETO kitchen. My son has lactose intolerance and gluten intolerance, but thanks to KETO , he is finally happy to be able to eat deliciously!

After 3 higher educations, I decided to study the intricacies of KETO philosophy.

I have completed numerous courses, read tons of literature, tried all sorts of recipes, transformed myself, my loved ones and
I decided that I could help many others who had lost
hope people, as I have been for years.

That’s why I created the KETOFOREVER project – my second family.

Every day our community grows, and the people who succeed
go through a successful physical and psychological
transformation, more and more.

How can I help you?

The purpose of the KETOFOREVER platform is to encourage you to build a healthy relationship with food, but at the same time to enjoy the body you have dreamed of all your life. The subscription modes I have created include daily motivation, Viber coaching, a special KETO menu, recipe books and additional bonuses.

I promise you – healthy, incredibly tasty and easy to make dishes on the table. Knowledge of how to use food as a weapon to regenerate the body, increase immunity and restore health in an incredibly short time.

Guaranteed CHANGE that you have been waiting for so long, after the first 7 days !

Let's make your dreams come true together and turn them into a way of life!

Get ready to love the body you live in🥰
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